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Our Clinic - Mission statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The goal of NeoSound is to deliver the highest quality and standard of hearing healthcare and hearing products to each and every patient that comes to us for help.  Whether you are a hearing-impaired war veteran struggling with tinnitus and hearing loss or just wanting to research a pair of high-end headphones for music enjoyment, our team of providers will do their best to help find a solution for your needs.  Our ability in helping our patients find the best quality and most cost-effective solution is what attracts people to NeoSound.


NeoSound professionals understand that not everyone needs or wants hearing devices. We do not pressure anyone into committing to anything that they’re not ready for.  In addition, not every individual with a hearing loss needs hearing aids.  Hearing Aids might be the ideal solution for the hearing impaired, but assistive listening devices, such as PSAPs (personal sound amplifiers), TV listening systems, Pocket Amplifiers, and amplified telephones, may be a more affordable option for now.  We will find the right solution for you and your pocket book.